Berliner Tageszeitung - Putin the antisocial pariah from Russia and his friends

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Putin the antisocial pariah from Russia and his friends

Putin the antisocial pariah from Russia and his friends

Now it is slowly becoming clear even to the "dumbest Russian" "that Russia is about to lose the war" - both to the broad Russian population and to Russian politics and the Russian military, because Russia is completely isolated internationally, more than 50 (fifty) states support Ukraine economically and militarily!

Above all, the militarily pathetic loss of the Ukrainian major city of Kherson, where the Russian army was defeated by the Ukrainians and fled in fear out of cowardice, confronts all Russians with the hard question of who is responsible for Russia's economically and militarily catastrophic decline and what this absolutely senseless war with more than 120,000 dead Russians and more than 100,000 seriously injured and maimed Russians was and is ever necessary for?


These two questions are "extremely uncomfortable" for the arrogant dictator Vladimir Putin (70). Because: "Putin is moving towards a situation where all Russians hate him", because Russians as a people have become the asocially perverted scum of the earth, where Russians used to be proud to be Russians, today Russians are ashamed to tell anyone at all that they come from Russia, because the world spits out in front of Russia and thus all Russians, as a criminal terrorist state and people!

Why is this so? Quite simply: "For different reasons: A pro-European minority hates Putin because he started the war. Now his former supporters, who got drunk on his imperialist propaganda, will hate him because he is losing the war and Russia will have to pay for it for decades!"

With every success of the Ukrainians, the discontent of the Russian population with their dictator Putin grows and the pressure on Putin increases day by day, especially because of Russia's war crimes, because whoever shells hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and energy plants with missiles, commits war crimes against another civilian population, every politician knows this, from Moscow to China to Australia and the USA.

In such a situation, in which Russia is facing its economic and military end, an asocial, self-important and arrogant buffoon and dictator like Putin cannot and will not survive for long!

The fact that it was the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) under ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and today's Chancellor Olaf Scholz who led Germany into Russia's energy dependency, which today every German citizen has to pay for with his money, is, despite all the anger at Putin, a scandal and makes one sit up and take notice when one considers that it was also the SPD under Scholz who for a long time has prevented the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, up to and including the refusal to deliver Leopard II battle tanks!   (P.Hansen--BTZ)