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BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG a german daily Newspaper

WIRTSCHAFT 11.01.2017

Berliner Tageszeitung (styled 'BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG' and also known colloquially as 'BTZ') is a German Daily newspaper. It is liberal conservative in its editorial approach, which is determined not by the chief editor, but by the licensing society publishing this newspaper under the license issued on contractual basis for a fixed term. The licenser, Bolín Bàozh - Deguo Rìbào - Bolín Rìbào, LLC. - is located in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and has a subsidiary in Moscow (Russian Federation). The newspaper covers the following topics: news, politics, economics, science, sport, culture, media, Internet and entertainment.

Editorial board:
''Berliner Tageszeitung'' employs Contributing editor|editors in such fields as politics, economy, sports, entertainment, culture, travel, media, science and the Internet. The articles it publishes include both reports written by the editors, reports from various news agencies, and purchased texts. Bi Xìng act as Editor-in-chief. The Trademark is registred by the Russian Media Group VGTRK (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Compan). Trademark Owner of the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is a russian Family Member of the german Family Opitz.

The newspaper has been published online seven days a week since 1th December 2004. A paywall is planned to be introduced at the end of 20174. Since March 30, 2004, Berliner Tageszeitung produced since 2004 a daily podcast.

Name rights:
Since July 31, 2007, the Berliner Tageszeitung has used the name of the defunct 'Berliner Tageblatt' as an alternate trademark. On that date the owner of the 'Berliner Tageszeitung' trademark, Family Opitz, registered the use of the 'Berliner Tageblatt' title with the Deutsches Patent- und Markenam. Beginning April 1, 2014, the 'Berliner Tageblatt' is a separate online publication from the 'Berliner Tageszeitung'. Both names are legally registered.
- https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/register/307502805/DE
- https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/register/306349957/DE

The publisher of the 'Berliner Zeitung', Berliner Verlag GmbH, considered the similarity of names between 'Berliner Zeitung' and 'Berliner Tageszeitung' a hindrance to the activities of their newspaper, and therefore asked the 'Berliner Tageszeitung' to end use of the name. On 19 December 2007 the Landgericht Berlin found in favour of the claim and issued a prohibiting court order; this was subsequently reversed on 22 January 2008 by resolution of the Regional Court of Berlin - https://www.jurion.de/de/document/show/0:3590439/?q=Berliner%20Zeitung
Berliner Zeitung and Berliner Tageszeitung are not confused - Judgment by Landgericht Berlin: "The titles of Berliner Zeitung and Berliner Tageszeitung are not confusing. Berliner Verlag appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of Berlin Kammergericht, but withdrew the appeal in a letter dated 7 August 2008. In a statement dated 22 July 2008 the Supreme Court of Berlin further explained that the appeal was denied pursuant to paragraph 2 sentence 1 of § 522 of the Code of Civil Procedure on the ground that it is unreasonable. On this basis the resolution of the Regional Court of Berlin of 22 January 2008 entered into force with urgency for the subsequent issuance of a court order providing the claims of the party. In the Years after this Court Decision, until 2015 - published many german "Conducting media" strange disgrace critics about Berliner Tageszeitung.
- http://berlinertageszeitung.com/images/stories/Berlin/Judgement%20Berliner%20Tageszeitung%20vs%20Berliner%20Zeitung%20-%202007.png

Editorial positions:
'Berliner Tageszeitung' has been criticized for its liberal-conservative politics. Many journalists at the 'Berliner Tageszeitung' were initially critical of the German orthography reform of 1996|1996. After the reform went into effect in 1999, the newspaper decided in 2004 to adopt its own company spelling, based on the "classical system of spelling". In October 2006, this system of spelling was amended with 350 pages. At the same time, a public campaign against the reform of spelling called 'Schlechtschreibreform' was initiated.

After the collapse of the dot-com bubble of the New Economy, the newspaper encountered problems. New sources of income were needed in addition to the traditional sources such as advertising, web banner's, pop-savers and subscriptions. Thus, since 2006, the editorial board has published information data of enterprises in the economics and media segment.

According to the owner of the brand name, since according to well known legal practice the term of existence of publishing houses rarely exceeds a century, 'Berliner Tageszeitung' has only two options for further sustainable development: an increased online presence or internationalisation. Bolín Bàozh - Deguo Rìbào - Bolín Rìbào, LLC., the licensor, plans to continue its publication operations exclusively outside the US. In addition, increased focus will be placed on the development of such fields of activity as digitisation of printed products. In the online sector, the company plan to position the ''Berliner Tageszeitung'' as the "leading service-oriented news web page". Along with this, the E-Commerce sector should bring additional turnover. Website: http://www.BerlinerTageszeitung.com